Asexual Pagham-on-Sea Pride

Here's the start of a series of posts of some characters and their flags for Pride Month! Starting with main characters. Ricky's not a poster boy for aroaces/aces/acespecs and we deserve some better rep than him, but then again, if a feral cannibal lad who's also an eldritch horror fantasising about bodily transformation into an… Continue reading Asexual Pagham-on-Sea Pride

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Podcast S01E17 ~ Chapter 15 Available Now!

Chapter 15 of The Crows is online today! CW for boundary crossing/personal space violation, male erection, nudity CHAPTER 15: DEAL WITH THE DEVILLinks on my podcast page. Chapter 15: Deal with the Devil which Carrie gets off the hook and Ricky is useful... She woke pressed into Ricky’s chest, wrapped up in a possessive… Continue reading Podcast S01E17 ~ Chapter 15 Available Now!