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Thoughts on Writing ~ Summer Update

I haven't posted much, as I've been trying to get my novel revisions done for August and figure out the trajectory for the next few months of letters for my Ko-Fi supporters (there are a few arcs I can take them on, but I'm running out of July to post this month's!). I've also revived… Continue reading Thoughts on Writing ~ Summer Update

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#MonstrousMay Day 11: Monster in the Dark

Graphic and Prompt Credit: Johannes T. Evans Monster in the Dark For this one, I'm going to advertise my short story THE SOUND OF DARKNESS, which you can buy in eBook on its own in various formats, or as part of the F IS FOR FEAR anthology in paperback, eBook and audiobook. It's reproduced for… Continue reading #MonstrousMay Day 11: Monster in the Dark

Monstrous May

#MonstrousMay Day 3: Monstrous Bugs

Prompt Credits: Johannes T. Evans It Came From the Amber Part 1: Fragments Discovered in the papers stuffed inside Sir Peter Sauvant’s collection of journals, in the attic of Fairwood House. [HALF THE PAPER TORN AWAY, WORDS MISSING] —third day of excavation. This wasn’t the best start, but [PAPER TORN, WORDS MISSING]  —Conliffe. There should… Continue reading #MonstrousMay Day 3: Monstrous Bugs

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Sales and Serials ~ March Update

Greetings friends! I updated you in my newsletter but I haven't done so here. Here are some things to tide you over until my next novel releases! SMASHWORDS SALE NOW ON! THE CROWS - $2.49 A cursed woman with 33 days to live and a lonely eldritch cannibal who can see the future form an… Continue reading Sales and Serials ~ March Update