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So You’re Moving To Pagham-on-Sea: Doing the Groundwork

I'm taking a short break from my Goth posts to blog about my own work, and read a few more modern Gothic fic stories that I can review in the Goth is [not] dead series. So, without further ado, here's a few fun things about Pagham-on-Sea where my contemporary novels are set! N. B.: Pagham… Continue reading So You’re Moving To Pagham-on-Sea: Doing the Groundwork

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Goth is (not) Dead: Corruption

While darkness and isolation are themes that pervade the setting and characterisation, corruption is arguably a meatier concept that nestles at the heart of what many authors want to say in this genre. Corruption can on the surface simply be part of the grotesque, with signs and symbols of physical decay building on/adding to this… Continue reading Goth is (not) Dead: Corruption

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Goth is [not] Dead: Darkness

Hello again! I've done a couple of posts on the themes and conventions of Gothic novels, and the many subgenres there are (there are actually more, but a good place to look is the University of Wales Press series on Gothic Fiction). I have also discovered a cool WikiHow post on How To Write Gothic… Continue reading Goth is [not] Dead: Darkness

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Goth is [not] Dead: Genre-Chat

I've finished the rewrites for my gothic weird fiction novel, The Crows, which started life as a light-hearted paranormal mystery with strong weird romance B-plot. Since I had a fair few romance readers/writers reading that version, I cheesed up the romantic side a bit and had a go at cozy mystery in a paranormal/urban fantasy… Continue reading Goth is [not] Dead: Genre-Chat

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Anatomy of a Draft

So you have your first draft! Yay! Where to go from here? Well, first, get yourself a support group of fellow writers: a variety of ages and experiences are always a plus. It takes a village to raise a writer and their book-baby! TIP: Change your font and font size before editing and leave your… Continue reading Anatomy of a Draft