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SpookyMonth Showcase ~ THE RELUCTANT HUSBAND

The next one is my Weird historical fiction parody, slightly shorter than a novella, just a bit too long to be a short story. A novelette, in fact! It's featured in THE UNCANNY AND THE DEAD anthology, but next year I'll be releasing it with some other historical shorts set in the Pagham-verse. Get the… Continue reading SpookyMonth Showcase ~ THE RELUCTANT HUSBAND

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Fan Art Alert!

So excited to get tagged in a work in progress by Daniel Beswick who enjoyed THE CROWS and THIRTEENTH! You can already get a print of Ricky Porter by Daniel from his shop. I love the projection of an aged-up Ricky (28-29 years old in the books so far) and now a buff, cross-country champion… Continue reading Fan Art Alert!

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Who Loves Eldritch Dramedy?

If you love the idea of British Eldritch family drama, or you've ever just wanted to know what eldritch entities get up to behind closed doors, my Pagham-on-Sea series is for you. I'm releasing the 3rd novel soon - THE DAY WE ATE GRANDAD - so I've decided to put out the first 2 books… Continue reading Who Loves Eldritch Dramedy?

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Hungarian Cannibal Gang: 1782 (Part 2 of 2: The Story)

Now we've delved into the sources and a bit of context, here's a version of this story rewritten from the British newspaper reports! This is not the story "as it happened", and I'm also not really interested in whether this was hysteria or not, this is just my own version of the story as a… Continue reading Hungarian Cannibal Gang: 1782 (Part 2 of 2: The Story)

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Podcast S02E16 ~ Thirteenth Part 16

Welcome back to Eldritch Girl... The final act of the novel is upon us, and in this part, Katy returns to the Outside unprepared and Wes seizes his chance to get rid of Ricky. CWs: incision/self-mutilation, drug-addled decision-making, aggressive family arguments, body horror. Listen now Chapter 10 Memories crowded him, bouncing against the dark sand.… Continue reading Podcast S02E16 ~ Thirteenth Part 16