Queer & Non-Monogamous Writing Prompts

I’ve got some ideas for relationship dynamics I want to see more of (or any of), so here are some prompts to play with (I’ll be adding to these):

Contemporary Queer Rock Star Comedy:

The whole band is pretty much bi/pan and into each other, and they accidentally adopt a very asexual but sex positive and aromantic-spec queer woman who is basically their ride-or-die found family and casual group sex fuckbuddy.*

When asked about the dynamic they explicitly say she’s their unfashionable, cantankerous, couldn’t-give-a-fuck Nan [she’s the same age as the lead singer] and when asked if they’ve fucked anyway she says “obviously, they’re a bunch of freaks” totally straight faced. This is true.

It’s all fun and non-monogamous games until she punches out their shitty manager.

*Sex for her is never romantic, and she’s not sexually attracted to any of them. She enjoys the act of sex but it is never connected to romantic feelings. It’s a fun activity she can take or leave, like a Zumba class. As long as it’s a good laugh and everyone’s enjoying it she’ll stick the late night film onto record and join in. She doesn’t think any of them are attractive in that way, but she’s emotionally closer to some of them than their siblings.


Slow-burn Enemies-to-Allies-to-Lovers but THE MIDNIGHT MAN (2016) X SLAPFACE (2021). By all means make it gay/trans. Obviously monster-fucking, but if you want it to be sex-averse ace, happy days.
BONUS :- pick a cosmic horror author and emulate their vibes