Gothic Fiction

I write Gothic Weird fiction and can’t help adding tentacles and buckets of blood to everything I do. Sometimes the buckets are literal.

What is Gothic Fiction? This page collates my own posts about it, but also some brilliant Gothic content from across the web…

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#1: Goth is [Not] Dead: Genre Chat
#2: Goth is [Not] Dead: Subgenre Chat
#3: Goth is [Not] Dead: What is Gothic Weird Fiction?
#4: Goth is [Not] Dead: Characters
#5: Goth is [Not] Dead: Darkness
#6: Goth is [Not] Dead: Isolation
#7: Goth is [Not] Dead: Corruption


This is the chapter-by-chapter breakdown of Jane Aaron’s Welsh Gothic (2013), with added historical context and, where possible, links to the texts cited/reviews and other related articles.

#1: Welsh Gothic by Jane Aaron: The Introduction
#2: Cambria Gothica (1780s-1820s): Chapter 1 and Texts
#3: Cambria Gothica (1780s-1820s): A Selection of Welsh Ghost Stories and Folklore pre-1830
#4: Welsh Gothic Fiction (1830s-1900s): Chapter 2: Historical Context
#5: Welsh Gothic Fiction (1830s-1900s): Chapter 2: An Underworld of One’s Own
#6: Haunted Communities (1900s-1940s): Chapter 3: Gothic Dissent
#7: Haunted Communities (1900s-1940s): Chapter 3: Industrial Gothic
#8: Wales, Land of the Living Dead (1940s-1997): Chapter 4: Context and Poetry
#9: Wales, Land of the Living Dead (1940s-1997): Chapter 4: Zombies and Zombification
#10: Wales, Land of the Living Dead (1940s-1997): Chapter 4: Vampire Lore and Vampire Lit
#11: Post-Devolution Welsh Gothic (1997-2013): Epilogue
#12: Welsh Gothic Tropes: Death Omens
#13: Welsh Gothic Tropes: The Witch
#14: Welsh Gothic Tropes: The Druid
#15: Welsh Gothic Tropes: The Cwn Annwn
#16: Welsh Gothic Tropes: The Sin Eater