Book Reviews

Murder During the Hundred Years’ War

This is a chapter-by-chapter breakdown of Melissa Julian-Jones’s Murder During the Hundred Years’ War (2020), my own nonfiction, true crime book published with Pen & Sword.

#1: Nonfiction Spotlight: Murder During the Hundred Years’ War
#2: Medieval Murder ~ The Discovery of a Body 1375
#3: Medieval Murder ~ The Victim
#4: Medieval Murder ~ The Indicted Suspects
#5: Medieval Murder ~ The Money Motive
#6: Medieval Murder ~ Motive: Affairs of the Heart
#7: Medieval Murder ~ Communal Revenge or Communal Vengeance?
#8: Medieval Murder ~ Justice, Law Enforcement & Cross-County Networks
#9: Medieval Murder ~ The Trial’s Outcome & Aftermath
#10: Medieval Murder ~ Source Material in the Appendix


Welsh Gothic Review Series

This is the chapter-by-chapter breakdown of Jane Aaron’s Welsh Gothic (2013), with added historical context and, where possible, links to the texts cited/reviews and other related articles.

#1: Welsh Gothic by Jane Aaron: The Introduction
#2: Cambria Gothica (1780s-1820s): Chapter 1 and Texts
#3: Cambria Gothica (1780s-1820s): A Selection of Welsh Ghost Stories and Folklore pre-1830
#4: Welsh Gothic Fiction (1830s-1900s): Chapter 2: Historical Context
#5: Welsh Gothic Fiction (1830s-1900s): Chapter 2: An Underworld of One’s Own
#6: Haunted Communities (1900s-1940s): Chapter 3: Gothic Dissent
#7: Haunted Communities (1900s-1940s): Chapter 3: Industrial Gothic
#8: Wales, Land of the Living Dead (1940s-1997): Chapter 4: Context and Poetry
#9: Wales, Land of the Living Dead (1940s-1997): Chapter 4: Zombies and Zombification
#10: Wales, Land of the Living Dead (1940s-1997): Chapter 4: Vampire Lore and Vampire Lit
#11: Post-Devolution Welsh Gothic (1997-2013): Epilogue
#12: Welsh Gothic Tropes: Death Omens
#13: Welsh Gothic Tropes: The Witch
#14: Welsh Gothic Tropes: The Druid
#15: Welsh Gothic Tropes: The Cwn Annwn
#16: Welsh Gothic Tropes: The Sin Eater

Gothic Studies

Body Gothic by Xavier Aldana Reyes

Pulp Gothic Fiction Reviews

Echo in a Dark Wind by Julia Withers

Fantasy/Paranormal Gothic

The Pendragon Legend by Antal Szerb
Stoker’s Wilde by Steven Hopstaken and Melissa Prusi
The Truth in Lies by Gemma Cartmell
Spectred Isle by K. J. Charles

Weird/New Weird Fiction

Cold Hand in Mine by Robert Aickman
The Divinity Student by Michael Cisco
From the Dust Returned by Ray Bradbury
Widdershins by Jordan L. Hawk
The Great God Pan by Arthur Machen