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With a week to go before the release of The Day We Ate Grandad, I’ve finally sent the eARCs out (they are more just normal review copies at this point, but you know, a week prior still counts as ‘advance’). I’ve realised that I really need to work with my ADHD better and not pull myself in too many directions, and so I’ve decided to streamline my life.

With Substack, I can integrate my podcast easily, so I’ve made the move from a paid platform to a free one, and it’s taken all previous episodes with it, so nothing is lost. That will save me some money in the long run, and also links directly to a platform I can take pledges, so if people don’t want to subscribe to a Ko-Fi membership, they can donate easily via substack itself. I’ve linked to Ko-Fi in my profile and my pinned post. I will continue to drive traffic to Ko-Fi in my newsletter.

It’s also a much nicer interface for me to deal with – something about MailChimp really didn’t work for me – and it’s imported all my subscribers across, so that’s fine!

Here’s the substack: https://cmrosens.substack.com/

My profile: https://substack.com/profile/31947678-cm-rosens

Come and find me, and if you haven’t signed up to my newsletter yet, please do so and stay in touch (it’s free!)

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