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Release Date: THE DAY WE ATE GRANDAD 14 April 2023

We have a release date for THE DAY WE ATE GRANDAD, Book 3 in the Pagham-on-Sea series! ARCs will be coming out next week, apologies for the slight delay there, just getting last minute edit fixes done and then formatting for the eBooks.

The podcast will begin on 20 April 2023, so not long after the release date! Buy your copy and read along!


I will try and ship physical proof copies to people directly from Amazon, so that will take a little longer.

View the video embedded below for my credits and the wonderful theme tune for this novel composed by Gemma Dyer (née Cartmell) who also composed the themes for THE CROWS and THIRTEENTH.

The video text is below the embed.

Video Transcript

14 April 2023: Book Release
14 April 2023 eBook and Paperback
Cover Design: Rebecca F. Kenney @rebeccafkenneybooks (Insta)
Interior Illustrations: Thomas Brown @hopelessmaine (Insta)
Edited by: Johannes Newman-Gillheim @johannespunkt (Twitter)
with early Developmental Edits by: C. J. Subko @sarcasmlemons (Insta and Twitter)
Book Formatting: Ezra Arndt @ezraarndtwrites (Insta and Twitter)

20 April 2023: Audio Release – weekly serial on Eldritch Girl podcast
Theme Music (the audio to this post!!): Gemma Dyer [née Cartmell] @gemmusic97 (Insta)

Indie publishing is a collaborative feat. Support your Indie community! ❤ (heart symbol)
Thank you to everyone who made this happen, and to all my readers/listeners so far!
Thank you for all your support. (Don’t forget to review!)

eARC Request Form

There is still time to request an eARC – complete the form below by Monday 20th March 2023.

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