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Summer Holidays in Pagham-on-Sea

The Town Map

The town itself has around 12,000 inhabitants and the Queen Mary and Jubilee Estates (top right) have roughly the same number in the flats and council houses.

Obviously I haven’t got the middle of town right in this draft. It’s meant to be sort of pedestrianised in the middle but the roads connect up too. It’s basically sort of where Norman’s Bay is in real life, but you have to imagine it reeeeealllly hard.

Read the book and want to visit? Only when restrictions lift, wear a mask and keep 2m apart. Here’s the Good Pub Guide! BEWARE of sex demons, make some undead friends, get in on a bit of dark tourism, openly rock werewolf fashion, be careful around the estate, and play it safe.

Want to know what all the fuss is about? Read the first book set in this quirky town today!

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